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Taste of Haiti Haitian artisan
An idea born from passion

Welcome to the exclusive club for the culturally curious. Taste of Haiti Box was started for a simple reason: to bring authentic artisan Haitian products to your doorsteps. We make it easier to get local Haitian products by connecting people with locally-based merchants, artisans, and businesses. The products vary from foods, beverages, artisanal jewelry, health and cosmetic products, local arts and crafts. Our bi-monthly subscription is unique, constantly changing the theme, ensuring that you will not get the same items twice.

A mission rooted in discovery

Taste of Haiti Box is about satisfying your inner adventurer through the discovery of amazing, rich, beautiful Haitian products. We aim to promote the tantalizing, tasty, aesthetic commodities that Haiti has to offer while unifying the Haitian community and providing ongoing economic opportunities for Haiti’s native merchants beyond the island. Through each box, you’ll learn something different about our beloved “Perle des Antilles”. Enjoy your journey!

We understand the value of quality experiences


We’ve made our mission to work with local businesses, merchants, and artisans to offer products from all over the island.


We support sustainable practices, from responsible farming to product manufacturing as we partner with trusted brands.


Fall in love with a unique variety of artisan foods, beverages, organic cosmetics and hand-made trinkets from the hidden corners of Hispaniola.


No more painfully waiting on traveling friends or siblings to bring you little short-lived souvenirs. We deliver Haiti to your doorstep.

Trusted Brands

We believe you deserve a memorable cultural experience. This is why Taste of Haiti Box goes the distance to connect with trusted local brands who share our commitments and values to quality. We also make sure to seek out artisans for small batch items you won’t find in stores.

What's Inside?

Inside your box adventurous, playful and unique edible and artisanal products that will make you want to snap “oh my God” pics for the gram the moment you open it! Our boxes are curated with great care, ensuring your cultural box is high value, high-quality, and fun!

Fun Facts

Our Products

Taste of Haiti Box offers products from all over the Island, and we go the distance to make sure your cultural experience is complete by offering a wide variety of products sourced carefully and responsibly.

Our Boxes

Taste of Haiti Box containers are our cultural carriers. They are all made with sustainability in mind. We care about our mother earth, which is why each box is designed with a theme encouraging our subscribers to use them as keepsakes.

Our Country

On January 1, 1804, Haiti gained its independence from France and became the second oldest independent nation in the Western Hemisphere

Our Food

Haitian food is often lumped together with other Caribbean islands as “Caribbean cuisine.” However, Haiti maintains an independently unique flavor. Its cuisine is distinctive in its boldness and simplicity. Unlike its Spanish-influenced counterpart, the Dominican Republic, Haitian cuisine is based on Creole and French cooking styles. Strong pepper flavoring in many dishes also sets Haitian food apart from the other islands.

Our Heritage

The name of native Haitian people the Taino translates as “the good people.”

Treat Yourself!

Dive in and take your senses on a trip to Haiti. Receive our bi-monthly themed membership box loaded with an assortment of the finest hand-picked goodies from local artisans deserving of the opportunity to showcase their products!

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