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Taste of Haiti Box The Gift of Giving Edition

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This Holiday Season the Taste of Haiti Box gives you
The Gift of Giving
Miami, Florida – December 7, 2018 – The Taste of Haiti Box launched on July 14th of this year to rave reviews. Created by Alnie Innocent, the Taste of Haiti Box has brought Haiti to the homes of hundreds of customers. Today, as the holiday season is upon us, The Taste of Haiti Box becomes a gift in itself. Teaming up with Pou Bel Ayiti, each Taste of Haiti Box sold in December will help a child in Haiti receive a toy for Christmas.

As a bi-monthly subscription, the Taste of Haiti Box offers a little of everything Haitian, from food and beauty products to jewelry. “Since we launched this summer, people from all walks of life have been ordering boxes as gifts for others and talking about how great the products are. It has been exciting to see everyone’s reactions to some of the products we offer,” explains Ms. Innocent.

With a mission to not only clean up the streets of Haiti, Pou Bel Ayiti is a non-profit organization that serves as an educational platform where issues like deforestation, climate change and global warming are challenged in schools in Cap-Haitian, Haiti, giving students the opportunity to make clean environmental decisions that will last them a lifetime, while helping their community as well.

Each month the Taste of Haiti Box brings a beautiful part of Haiti to subscribers’ homes and offices. Products from Rhum Barbancourt, Valmas Cremas, MelangeHaiti, Prosolma, HaiTea, Caribrew, Rebo Mamba and Kreyol Essence are only a handful of the goodies patrons can discover in every box.

One of the beauties of having no limits with the Taste of Haiti Box is that we can fill the boxes with an array of things from local spices to beauty products and handmade art, the best common denominator is that everything is Haitian made,” Ms. Innocent continues.

This month each box purchased will help a child in Haiti receive a toy for Christmas in coordination with Pou Bel Ayiti’s Toy Distribution in Cap Haitian, and as we prepare for Haiti’s Independence Day on January 1st this month’s box will also have a taste of tradition with some Soup Joumou, Pumpkin Soup and Chokola Peyi, Haitian hot chocolate.

One of the biggest surprises of the season is that as of December 21, 2018, Taste of Haiti Boxes will now be available for purchase at the Cap-Haitian Airport in Haiti. As a great take home, keepsake or even traveling gift, the Taste of Haiti Box will allow you to bring Haiti home with you.

The “Taste of Haiti” Box is currently available in the U.S. as a one-time purchase and for monthly subscriptions.

For detailed information on how to subscribe visit www.tasteofhaitibox.com or email info@tasteofhaitibox.com.

Follow Taste of Haiti on all social media fronts @tasteofhaitibox as well.

Alnie Innocent

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